Programming Experience

  • Lead Developer
  • Built using WordPress, PHP, SQL, JS, Alpine JS, Tailwinds, and many other libraries.
  • In charge of developing front end, back end, and database systems
  • Designed and implemented a custom events platform
  • Implemented payment processing using stripe
  • Designed and built user profiles and blogs
  • Constructed API that will be used by the Public in the future to access data on the site
  • Student and Volunteer for the Blue CoLab at Pace University
  • Designed and built an app within the Django site to Sonify the current weather and water data
  • Constructed a health dashboard on the admin site using threshold values and statistical analysis to detect if the sensors are out of the threshold values, are at an abnormal value, or are ok.
  • Utilized Python, Django, Maria, and Influx

Lancaster Design and Consulting Freelance work

  • Full Stack Developer
  • Built webapps using Vue JS, Quasar, Typescript, PHP, and SQL.
  • Constructed in house sites for local companies in the Lancaster, PA area with a main focus on the Amish as our end user (Some Amish have adapted technology for their businesses).
  • Migrated multiple house sites from Vue 2 to Vue 3 Composition API.

Programming Projects

Machine Learning Tik-Tac-Toe

  • Built in Python
  • Used machine learning to build an AI to play Tik-Tac-Toe