Programming Experience

  • Quickly learned the React framework from scratch within the first week of employment due to my prior experience with multiple JS frameworks/libraries
  • Refactored over 15 UI components in Cisco’s Secure Access Application Suite to leverage a newly developed internal library
  • Utilized Jest, Cypress, and Jenkins to add Unit Tests and Functional Tests to 100% of all new source code implemented
  • Fixed issues in Cisco’s Secure Access Application Suite to satisfy 15+ companies in a private beta test. Additionally fixed issues on Cisco’s
  • Umbrella production application to serve a customer base of 24,000+ companies including Uber, Netflix, and T-Mobile
  • As a member on a team of 7, I attended daily standup meetings to assign Jira tickets/issues and plan out workflows
  • Utilized a Jira based Kanban workflow for all feature development and bug fixes
  • Became the top code contributor for several repositories in Cisco’s Secure Access Application Suite from May to August
  • Received high praise for the work I documented in a PowerPoint that I presented to the entire Cisco Security Web Group including from project managers and directors.
  • Constructed a mobile app in React Native for both iOS and Android alongside an API in ExpressJS to provide a better interface for our 5,000+ uploaded vehicles
  • Engineered RESTful APIs in PHP to be used in the construction of a mobile app to expand our user base to 4,000+
  • Established an event platform for car enthusiasts, incorporating secure Stripe payment processing and a digital ticketing system in JS and PHP, serving a community of 4,000+
  • Implemented data validation for all API requests, including data sanitation and validation, focusing on making all data being entered into the database not just safe but also clean
  • Created database queries to extract data for analytics and essential site operations from tables containing over 1 million rows. Optimized these queries through both server-side and client-side data processing, and implemented indexes across 50+ tables for enhanced efficiency
  • Constructed a staging server to stage new features and take backups of the production site using rsync every night
  • Overhauled and face lifted the site using Tailwinds CSS, Alpine JS, and custom HTML components
  • Attended 20+ social media events, filming and editing short clips for a total audience of 150,000+ followers
  • Grew user base by 4x
  • Developed in house web apps for local companies and the Amish using Vue JS, TypeScript, and PHP that involved managing 10,000+ products and 10,000+ customers per company
  • Upgraded and managed Linux servers and SQL databases to host in house and ecommerce sites
  • Optimized database queries and DOM loading times, took one page’s loading time down from 20 seconds to half a second
  • Created scripts to update products on an E-Commerce WordPress site with the ones on a local in house site built in Vue JS, decreasing the time it takes to load the products to the WordPress site from 1 day manually) to 20-30 seconds. These changes helped contribute to allowing the company $1 million+ in revenue for the site
  • Removed need for Invoice Ninja’s monthly payment to store data and generate invoices by implementing an in house custom invoice generator and invoice database. Added additional invoicing features such as audits and reports
  • Migrated old applications from Vue 2 to Vue 3 Composition API reducing load time on sites and increasing future compatibility
  • Produced several data reports and audits to gather information about customers, products, mismatches in data, and revenue
  • Initiated development on a site to maintain a database of 10,000+ residents in a community for a fire house, involving reports for fire calls, forms to keep attendance for meetings and to track fire calls to residents
  • Developed a web app to display weather data from a weather station; compared the data to current water data every minute
  • Packaged a Sonification python module into the Blue CoLab website to Sonify real time data in under 500 ms
  • Customized a health dashboard that shows when sensors need re-calibrated using statistical analysis with 90% accuracy

Programming Projects

8 Bit FPGA

  • Conceptualized and developed an 8-bit CPU on an FPGA board using Verilog
  • Utilized Intel’s Quartus 2 software to visualize logic components before building them out in Verilog
  • Programmed the Verilog code into the FPGA board using Quartus 2
  • Researched and built a custom 8-bit instruction set to perform basic operations like ADD, SUB, MUL, and MOV, LDA, OUT
  • Composed an 8-bit instruction code; the first 4-bits are the Operation Code, next 2 is the 1st Register, final 2 is the 2nd Register
  • Presented the 8-bit CPU to the at Pace University’s Undergraduate Study Fair, informing the department chair of the project

Right Pay React Native App

  • Designed and developed an app using PERN (PostgreSQL, Express, React Native, Node) to display a user’s optimal credit card for cashback rewards, determined by the user’s physical location
  • Curated 10+ designs on Figma to preview what the application will look like and produce a quick way of converting flats into dynamic screens on the mobile application

Machine Learning Tic-Tac-Toe

  • Built in Python
  • Used machine learning to build an AI to play Tic-Tac-Toe